Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Waning of Apostolicity: A Word from Bishop James Adams

James M. Adams is the Episcopal Bishop of Western Kansas.
Although he is a member of the Anglican Communion Network, his Diocese is not.

The Episcopal Church has declared that it is indeed a church apart from the Anglican Communion. And this has not occurred because of sexuality, women's ordination, differences in doctrine, nor polity.

It has happened because The Episcopal Church no longer recognizes the universality of Anglican Holy Orders and truly is no longer a member of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church most of us were ordained into. How far will the separation go? I fear it will eventually be complete and Episcopalians can throw away all the books which claim it is an Anglican Church because it will have divorced itself from its past and become something apart.

Maybe that is what the majority want. Then those who have trouble with the historic Creeds of the Church can cut those out of the liturgies and declare a universal salvation at no cost or sacrifice. And it will be worth what people are willing to give for it. As little as possible.

From: http://www.kendallharmon.net/t19/index.php/t19/article/13003/#more

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