Saturday, December 17, 2011

No Summary Judgment for TEC in Quincy!

I suspect that there's not a little irritation currently being voiced at 815 and Goodwin Proctor, and I'm afraid I can't help but find that thought somewhat gratifying.

Update: The Anglican Curmudgeon naturally has some thoughts on the matter.

Update 2: My dear wife last night reminded me of the dangers of hubris and, on reflection, I stand suitably rebuked. My continued hope - which I know is also that of the ACNA legal team in Quincy - is that this ruling will be the precursor to a negotiated settlement that allows both sides to pursue their mission honorably and effectively, one that does not include the sort of stipulations prescribing membership in ACNA that are currently bedeviling the situation here in Pittsburgh. Further litigation will do no one any good.


The Rev Canon Dr David Wilson said...

The Curmudgeon gives you some props in his posting on Quincy! Good job Professor!

Too bad about Trinity Cathedral, although not unexpected.

Laura Strait Caligiuri said...

Methinks you need to listen more to your wife. LOL.

At any rate, this is but a blip on the radar and not much of a victory. I'm certain both sides are watching closely, but it seems unlikely to have been settled summarily.


Jeremy Bonner said...


I probably would have felt less inclined to crow, if my counterpart - whose scholarship I formerly greatly respected - had not produced an expert witness statement that truly pushed the limits of historical credibility.

I also take it rather ill that I have never heard anyone representing the national church acknowledge what Judge Ortbal himself stated, namely that reasonable people can differ. As a historian, I rather incline to that position.

Like most people, it's hard not to feel a sense of professional satisfaction when a project in which one is involved works out.

What the ultimate result may be is anyone's guess. Of course, the question does arise that if the matter went to trial in Quincy and the subsequent ruling went in ACNA's favor would that then make TEC guilty of attempted theft? I don't happen to think so, but I do think it's interesting how charges of theft are thrown around so cavalierly in certain quarters today when it comes to the diocesan lawsuits.