Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All the Sound and Fury

Remarkable how things happen when you go out of town!

First, Christian Solidarity International publishes a letter by Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, under sentence of death for apostasy in Iran. Food for thought, especially as to the quality of our own faith.

Let us remember that beyond beautiful or painful feelings, only three things remain: Faith, Hope and Love. It is important for believers to make sure which kind of Faith, Hope and Love will remain. Only what we receive according the Word remains forever. I would encourage you to live in a way that is worthy to the Holy calling of the Word. Let believers, who are heirs of the glory, be examples for others in order to be a witness of the power of Christ for the world and the future. I beg you to live according the Word of God in order to chase the powers of darkness that generates doubts in your heart. The overcoming faith that casts out the doubt comes by hearing the Word of God.

Then, the Archbishop of Canterbury announces his resignation. From Westcott House and Clare, to Magdalen College, Cambridge; one can't help wondering if he now wishes he had made that journey directly, without an archepiscopal intermission.

Finally, my wife and I are headed for Sheffield, England, where she has just accepted a job as a research scientist. From the Steel City of Pittsburgh to the Steel City of Sheffield (though in both cities steel is now more a function of historical memory than economic reality). And from the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh to the Diocese of Sheffield, whose diocesan, Steven Croft, is also a former master of Cranmer Hall (Durham's theological college for those of an Evangelical disposition). Fifty years ago, my mother taught here in the German department; it will be interesting for the next generation to make a return.


The Rev Canon Dr David Wilson said...

I will miss you dear friend Jeremy. When do you depart our fair city?

Probably not your cuppa tea but you might try St Thomas Crookes as your parish church.

Jeremy Bonner said...

Looks like it will be only five or six weeks, David+. Somehow, I think we will continue to discover each other through this wonderful medium of 21st century communication.

As for a parish, I had the temerity to ask the bishop to suggest where we might be most useful. I will let you know his reply.

Parting, as they say, is such sweet sorrow!

Bruce Robison said...

Likewise, Jeremy. You will be missed on this side of the Pond but I know welcomed joyfully on the other. On the plus side, you'll probably be able to watch season three of Downton Abbey before we can . . . .

Jeremy Bonner said...

Thanks Bruce.

Bishop Steven has recommended - since we don't yet know where we will be living - that for now we cast our nets at Sheffield Cathedral (now there's an irony).

The Dean (Peter Bradley) is apparently well regarded and they have a homelessness project, something with which I am not wholly unfamiliar.

Plus sa change, plus c'est la meme chose!